Private Embroidery Workshops Now Available

Do you want to learn how to cross stitch? Do you want to learn the skills required to make your own beautiful hand embroidery? Then gather a group of friends together and let me show you how. You supply the venue and the coffee, I’ll provide everything else.

Private in-home workshops are now available in the Adelaide metropolitan area. I will come to you to teach you how to cross stitch or embroider. All you need is a table big enough for your group and an iron and ironing board, and I will supply all the materials and tools needed for you to complete your project.

Two workshop options are available: cross stitch and embroidery. Both are suitable for beginners.

Learn to cross stitch

Each guest will be supplied with a cross stitch kit, including a pattern designed by Lara Makes. I will teach you the basics of cross stitch and help you complete your very own cross stitch.

Design your own embroidery hoop art

I will teach you at least three basic hand embroidery stitches. You will use these to design your own hoop art, and I will help guide you through the process to completion.

For more information or a quote, please contact me.

Workshops are suitable for everyone aged 12* and over. Cross stitch and hand embroidery involves using small and sharp needles, scissors, an iron, and focusing your eyes on small objects/areas.

*I have a current DCSI child-related employment screening. Workshops do not include complete supervision, guardian attendance is required.

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